Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Intro to Healthscare 101

Healthscare 101

There is a new healthcare law of the land. It was signed into law on March 23, 2010. Will it provide for a better healthcare environment for our country? Or will it destroy what has been the best healthcare in the world?

That is the purpose of this blog and hopefully I will be able to put real life meaning into the changes we are in store for. And it is why I have chosen to call this blog, Healthscare 101.

This blog is different from my office newsletter, which will continue to focus on health and wellness. My office newsletter is sent by my office via email by free subscription, and is posted on its own blog sometime after. The Healthscare 101 blog will be available, but you need to subscribe by going to the SUBSCRIBE TO section of this page.

The writings on this blog are opinion only. Please feel free to leave comments, whether pro or con. The comments will be moderated, so please remain civil.


  1. My entire household is happy that your health care comments are no longer included in the newsletter. Since we do not share the same opinions, sometimes, they made us uncomfortable - to the point that we had begun to turn them out. Considering the recent changes to the system, I was anticipating a particularly vitriolic posting in your next newsletter. For what it's worth, I believe the politics of medicine should be separate from the practice of medicine - kind of like separation of church and state! But, now that they are separate, I will read your newsletter AND check out your blog.

  2. To Annonymous:

    I also agree that the politics of medicine should be separate from the practice of medicine. My political views NEVER influence my medical decisions nor the care I provide.

    But please understand that my practice is a patient-centered practice that does not want any third party interference gumming up the care I try to give or that you need.

    Any political party that gets in between me and my patients, I will speak out against. But now it will be in this blog and not in my office newsletter.


  3. Dr. Neal SundbergMarch 24, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    Unfortunately the politics of medicine do affect the practice of medicine and Dr H I applaud you and thank you for your honesty and integrity and for helping lay people as well as fellow Doctors understand the complexity of health care reform. Keep up the fight I appreciate you-haven't been sick or missed a day of school or work in 32 years following your type of advice. Dr. Neal Sundberg