Friday, March 26, 2010

Letter To New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

March 26, 2010

Living in New Jersey, we have a new governor, who actually happens to be a republican in a very liberal state. He was elected, he states, to get rid of corruption and to balance a state budget that is billions in debt, without raising taxes, and to make the state an easier place to do business. My fear is that he has focused too much on budget cuts, while not fully researching how Obamacare affects healthcare for New Jersey residents.

I have written a letter to Governor Christie, emailed on Friday, March 26th, 2010, a copy of which is shown below.


To: Chris Christie (R-NJ), Governor

I urge you to take all available actions to protect New Jersey from a federal government takeover of healthcare. Such actions include filing a lawsuit against potentially unconstitutional provisions and securing New Jersey's ability to opt out of federal mandates. More than a dozen states have already filed such lawsuits challenging the individual mandate and Medicaid provisions in the bill. The Medicaid provisions alone will likely cost New Jersey billions of tax dollars we cannot afford.

I urge you to direct your Attorney General, Paula Dow, to join with these other states in doing everything possible to protect my rights to make my own health care choices, and also to protect physicians, so that they can offer the best care possible, without government or insurance interference.

As an independent family physician, I would welcome you to come to my medical office, which has given up all insurance contracts, other than Medicare. You will find that cost-effective high quality care occurs to a greater extent when the insurance companies and the government stay out of healthcare decisions.

I urge you to not repeat the same mistakes that other politicians have made, by listening only to your political appointees. To get a real view of healthcare today, you need to talk to independent physicians, without ties to hospitals or other institutions. Only then can you get enough data to formulate a real-world opinion on the state of healthcare in New Jersey.



So let's take a vote.

What response will I get?

A: Form letter
B: None
C: Real response by letter or email
D: Governor Christie acceptance to visit my office

My hope is for choice D, while I expect choice A.

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